About us

We are from Romania and we like to travel, and we like all things vintage. Besides this, not much else to say. Both professionals and owners of our own practices, traveling is part (one of the largest portion) of our professional activity. Developing our clients projects in Central and Eastern Europe takes us on a good number of roads, from Romania to Ukraine, from Moldova to Hungary, from Serbia to Bulgaria. However, at times, we may stray to territories such as Greece, Austria, Germany. Diversity is the mother of not getting bored, we say.

On top of our professional travels, we do a lot of travel of our own; we enjoy trekking and nature, old cities and medieval narrow streets, small vintage shops and trinkets same. We try to blend in locally for a better understanding of the locals, the history of the place, its roots and particularities. We believe our lives become better, by understanding differences between our culture and others.

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We also believe in finding ways of building bridges between clashing cultures; each has its own roots and past and present, each one has its own dreams of future, so it has to be admired for what it is; any differences only enrich us as a person, and for what it’s worth, it enriches our own culture, adding to it.

stilouri de ieriOur vintage fountain pens blog and pen repair website here.

We have a couple of other hobbies, such as decoupage, restoring old stuff, vintage fountain pens and Minox photography, and we encourage you to visit those websites, in order to get to know us better  :-). Mind you, they are quite interesting, if we may say so ourselves.

Our Minox website and Flickr albums here.

Thank you for visiting us and hope to see you back soon!