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Create your own path. If it does not exist, invent it. If it does exist, improve it. Make it yours. Own it. Show the darn thing who’s the boss. Ride the chance, pluck it from the shadows of your doubts and give it a shine which it never had. Show it to the world, brag about it, be proud of it.
Opportunity does not exist by itself. You are a wizard, you make situations and ideas come alive. You are an explorer and a discoverer, and thus, a conqueror of it all. Wipe the tiredness off your face, kick back that nasty gut feeling and see the sun rising. It’s a new day, it’s your best day, it’s that day. You have expected it a long time, you are not going to let this pass you by. No way. Never. Ever.
Identify need as a vital and primordial must. Vital such as sun is to the day, as rain is to a forest, as color is to a rainbow, as youth is to a teenager, as moon is to Apollo. When you now its name, you own it. Names are alive, knowing names is power. Knowing the name of the game, empowers you. Be powerful, be strong, do not flinch. Something is about to happen any time now: the discovery of who you are for real. Keep identifying the need. Of you, of friends, of a new day, of a need to feel alive.
Exploit chance as a vineyard draws its reason from the grapes it nurtured. Like a wave exploits the existence of a shoreline, like a day exploits the vanishing of the night. Indulge yourself into the greatest adventure of all, that of milking every chance of any drop of accountability to you and to your dreams of a mandatory change of your fortune.
Mitigate risk, down to the so minute a chance of a re-Titanic occurrence. Do not mistake guess to knowledge. See the clouds, smell the beyond the corner situation, feel the sinuous road ahead. Expect the thunder from the yonder blue sky. Stay clear of narrow passages of the today, embrace the large open fields of your own experience, as it’s the safest harbor you’ll ever have.
Close the deal as you would close a well-oiled door in the face of uncertainty.
Do not hesitate.
Own this moment, rule supreme the reason, be the emperor of a chosen decision.
Hold hard the chance, know it’s of your own making, stay afloat above the small thoughts.
You are the way, you are the time, you are the hand. Now…close that deal.
Author: Julian Tanase, aka Penthing, aka Minoxmaus

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